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BECHE-DE-MER information bulletin #39 – March 2019



Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 17-06-2020 17:18


This issue of the Beche-de-mer Information Bulletin is well supplied with
15 articles that address various aspects of the biology, fisheries and
aquaculture of sea cucumbers from three major oceans.
Lee and colleagues propose a procedure for writing guidelines for
the standard identification of beche-de-mer in Solomon Islands.
Andréfouët and colleagues assess commercial sea cucumber
populations in French Polynesia and discuss several recommendations
specific to the different archipelagos and islands, in the view of new
management decisions. Cahuzac and others studied the reproductive
biology of Holothuria species on the Mahé and Amirantes plateaux
in the Seychelles during the 2018 northwest monsoon season.
Bourjon and Quod provide a new contribution to the knowledge of
holothurian biodiversity on La Réunion, with observations on two
species that are previously undescribed. Eeckhaut and colleagues
show that skin ulcerations of sea cucumbers in Madagascar are one
symptom of different diseases induced by various abiotic or biotic
agents. This particular article describes how sediments ingested by
Holothuria scabra can induce skin ulcerat

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