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Sea cucumbers. A global review on fishery and trade -2008



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Sea cucumbers. A global review on fishery and trade
Verónica Toral-Granda, Alessandro Lovatelli, Marcelo Vasconcellos (eds)
and the Scientific Committee composed of:
Chantal Conand, Jean-François Hamel, Annie Mercier, Steve Purcell and Sven Uthicke
Following the FAO International Workshop on the Sustainable Use and Management of Sea Cucumber Fisheries, held in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, in November 2007 (see Toral-Granda et al. 2008),
the global sea cucumber fishery review has been finalized and will be published by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. The document will be available in November 2008 under the following reference:
Toral-Granda V., Lovatelli A. and Vasconcellos M. (eds). 2008. Sea cucumbers. A global review on fishery
and trade. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper No. 516. Rome, FAO. 319 p.
The executive summary of this document is reproduced below

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